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                                       (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1957)
Lives and works in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Spain

The practice of painting and its production, the possibility of the act of painting, is the main issue that Iñaki Cerrafería continues to explore in his work. His paintings extend and shape spaces without pre-established boundaries and open out into multi-format compositions that imbue the work the notion of provisionality and evident randomness. As a result of play and chance, each group of pictorial elements is expansive and changing in its materials, size and colours, as well as in its spatial distribution, the outcome of which is that any sense of frontality is shattered by the painting, which reveals itself to have no perceptual limits. Cerrajería’s paintings are made up of elements arranged in groups of different sizes, with conceptual connections and expressive suggestions established between the paint, the photograph and the empty space between them, with which the artist incorporates an important factor, an installation-like quality, not just in his exhibitions but also in his processes of work. Paint without the gesture or centrality: economy, restraint, the distribution of the material and expressive resources, etc. In short, the ‘doing and undoing’ of painting.